eProperty Innovations supports municipal governments tasked with managing property and property data. Some of our municipal clients use ePropertyPlus to manage inventories of real property they own, lease, or sell. Others are using ePropertyPlus to replace outdated and ineffective in-house software solutions for managing code enforcement and permitting.

ePropertyPlus packages a comprehensive suite of software tools and is flexible enough to support myriad use cases across all stages of the full property lifecycle. It’s easy to deploy and because it’s hosted in the cloud, it helps different team members who touch property coordinate, even if they work in different municipal departments.

ePropertyPlus delivers the key components needed by government partners to deliver transparent, accountable, and efficient service. Its affordable pricing means no procurement hassles and with a highly configurable backend, it’s easy to adopt as a standalone product or integrated into a complex IT ecosystem.

For each ePropertyPlus onboarding, our team helps our clients import and transform their legacy property data, configure the system for their specific requirements, and launch ePropertyPlus quickly and efficiently. ePropertyPlus is ideal for land banks, real estate departments, county treasurers, or others supervising, managing or acquiring and disposing surplus real estate.


eProperty Innovations also offers strategic consulting services for municipal governments looking to improve their ability to leverage data and technology to improve their property strategy. Many of our recent projects have involved performing land bank feasibility analyses or custom projects to operationalize a new land bank. You can learn more about our consulting services here.

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