Local government Solutions for Reactivating Property

If you are a local government leader, improving your community is your passion. You want your residents to live in healthy, vital neighborhoods. You want to attract new businesses and investment, grow your tax base, and provide high quality services. Your team likely has the same passion for public service that you do and it’s important to get them the best tools for the tasks at hand.

If your community has dilapidated, obsolete, or abandoned property and parcels, converting that property into new community assets can be a win-win-win opportunity. But how to go about it, especially when staff are limited, resources are tight, and these properties present complex challenges?

“Brian and Scott have been so helpful and are always available to set up a meeting or answer a question when we need it. I appreciate all of the work they’ve put into helping us develop our strategy and adapting our ePropertyPlus configuration to work for our team and how we work.”

Suzanne Kepple
CDBG Program Manager
City of Sharon, PA

Our core competency is helping local governments and land banks revitalize land and property and put it to higher and more productive uses. We help in two ways.

We deliver pragmatic strategic consulting services

We deliver pragmatic strategic consulting services grounded in the best practices of peer communities just like yours from across the United States. Our customers are local governments, land banks, and nonprofit community development organizations involved in reactivating property and improving their property data management strategies.

In our recent projects, we’ve completed land bank feasibility studies, developed policies and procedures for acquiring and disposing of property, coached and trained staff, helped staff up new entities, and implemented data-centric strategies for improving the management of property and property data.

We attend the conferences, stay up on the literature, and bring actionable ideas to meet your unique circumstances. Our philosophy is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. Not sure where you are? That’s ok. We can help you figure that out, too. We also share our observations and ideas on our blog and our company LinkedIn pages.

We deliver ePropertyPlus, the leading software solution for reactivating property.

We deliver ePropertyPlus, the leading software solution for reactivating property. Property records and data are assets. By leveraging them with sophisticated software like ePropertyPlus, you can increase community investment, reduce operating costs, and boost public and staff morale behind your strategy. Your staff can work smarter and be more productive and everyone can be tied together, pulling in the same direction.

By contrast, spreadsheets and outdated legacy systems built for a different purpose are not only inadequate, but they’re costing you money: wasted staff time and staff turnover, low public confidence, and high opportunity costs. These costs add up. In worst cases, lousy data management systems mask outright fraud or the type of mismanagement that ends up on the front page of the local newspaper. There is a better way. It’s called ePropertypPlus.

What is ePropertyPlus

ePropertyPlus is a cloud-hosted software solution built around the idea of a property lifecycle. From pre-acquisition planning to marketing and disposition, it has all the tools and features needed to reactivate property. It’s also great for more mundane property data management tasks, like permitting, registration, and tracking city-owned assets.

ePropertyPlus does so much more than a traditional database, marketing website, or a GIS viewer. It’s all of these things, for sure, plus a whole lot more.

ePropertyPlus is:

  • a suite of tools for managing real estate and performing field services
  • an online repository for documents and images
  • a platform for running sales and live property tax auctions
  • a public-facing property registration portal, or
  • a simple building and zoning permit application.

What it is depends on what you want to use it for, but these are just some of the use cases ePropertyPlus currently supports. Learn more about the features or contact us to schedule a live demo.

We’re passionate about community revitalization. We’re excited about the potential for using data and technology to revitalize property and neighborhoods. And we’re experienced with the types of challenges facing local governments.

Can we put our experience to work for you?