Your properties do not exist in isolation. They exist in context – as part of a block or a neighborhood and in relation to other properties or assets. It’s to your benefit to take advantage of geospatial information that is available and to leverage your property data to make smart decisions and help highlight redevelopment opportunities. With ePropertyPlus and its simple and intuitive map tools, it’s easy to leverage GIS data.

Here are some ways how.

Put Your Property Data on Full Color (Map) Display

When you create a Property record, you can geocode the property and it will display in map views on the Staff Site and Public Site. A map view is a full color map display of your properties. ePropertyPlus uses Google map base layers, plus the power of Carto DB, to put intuitive map displays in your hands.

Use ePropertyPlus as a GIS Viewer

ePropertyPlus lets you configure filters and queries, so your Users can drill down into your property data and inventory. On the Staff Site, property map visualizations let you view properties by status or intensity. For the Staff and Public Site, you can import, configure, and display external map layers from a GIS system, and ePropertyPlus becomes a light-weight GIS map viewer. ePropertyPlus will unpack standard zip files, making configuration easy.

Leverage Built-in Map Tools

ePropertyPlus map tools – custom boundaries, radial dimension, map visualizations – and simple search, filter, and query options allow Users to select properties for display in the Staff and Public Sites. The map views and list views work in tandem; as you update one, the system updates the other. This makes it possible to work with large quantities of property data and empower your User with maps.

If you are like most of our customers, you want to use GIS, but don’t want to – or can’t – pay for a stand-alone GIS system. With ePropertyPlus, we bring GIS tools to you and empower you to use maps and GIS content the way you want to. Let us show you how!