Please enjoy our ePropertyPlus product overview videos and a sampling of ePropertyPlus training videos.

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User Training Videos

The ePropertyPlus Import Utility makes it easy to add property records, owner and occupant records, attachments, images, and more. The Import Utility is tailored to your ePropertyPlus configuration and lets you quickly and efficiently add a handful of new records – or thousands, saving time and creating powerful data leverage.

Updating records is a snap with the ePropertyPlus Import Utility. You can update a single record or thousands of records with the same simple process. Each import can overwrite old values or add new ones, depending on your choice. You can update one data field across hundreds of records, or update hundreds of data fields on one record. It’s up to you.

ePropertyPlus Public Site is a turnkey website for marketing property and taking applications. In this video, we explore some of the ways a Subscriber can customize their Public Site to suit specific business cases and make it that much easier to market property quickly and efficiently.

ePropertyPlus can easily manage thousands of records, making it ideal as the single property data solution needed by our clients. Simple search, query and filter tools help you organize your data to meet your needs and that of your team so you can see the big picture and the small details. This video explains how to set up, save and share ePropertyPlus filters. 

A Team Filter is just like it sounds – a filtered view that can be shared across your team. You can create personal filters and Team Filters with ePropertyPlus. This video explains how.

ePropertyPlus gives users delivered fields out of the box to manage property data, services, applications and applicants. A Custom field is one you create and configure to meet a specific need not covered by a delivered field. In this video, we show how easy it is to create a new Custom field and explore some of the ways these are used. 

You may have times when you want to share some of your data to others or run analysis using a spreadsheet. ePropertyPlus supports simple export capabilities directly out of each component using a filtered List view and also from our comprehensive Analytics (reporting) tool. In this video, we show how to create a filtered List view and export records out of ePropertyPlus.