ePropertyPlus property management system is sold through a simple, Software as a Service subscription. The price you pay is based on two elements: the number and type of Users and the type of Onboarding process we use.

Users can include Standard Users, who have full access to all of the property management system components, and Light Users, who generally have read-only access to ePropertyPlus.

There is no cost for visitors or applicants using your ePropertyPlus Public Site and no cost to set up Service Provider Users or external Vendors who are assigned services to complete through ePropertyPlus.

Onboarding is the process we use to set up ePropertyPlus property management system specifically for your organization. We offer 2 kinds:

  • With a Startup, there is no Onboarding fee and we configure ePropertyPlus remotely in 5 business days, start to finish. Simple and intended for newer organizations.
  • With a non-Startup, we customize the configuration to meet your specific business needs. We conduct a project scoping and work with you to define how the onboarding should take place. Onboarding is done onsite at your office and remotely. There is a one-time cost and it tends to take a little longer that a Startup.

To access the current pricing sheet, please fill out the form below. After you submit, the Pricing Sheet will open in a new window and a download will be available at the bottom of the page. Prices quoted are for new Subscriptions and prices are effective until November 30, 2020.