Navigating the Road to Revitalization with ePropertyPlus™

The Road to Revitalization presents many challenges. At each stage along the way, ePropertyPlus™ helps our clients – local governments, land banks, and others – straighten out their path. We make it easier for you to take property from distressed to impressed. Scroll down and see what we mean.

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The first bump on the road to revitalization is not knowing what properties are opportunities and what bring nothing but risk and heartache. Leverage ePropertyPlus to make strategic decisions.

Upload property datasets with Import Utilities. Unzip and configure GIS map layers. Use ePropertyPlus Mobile app to document current conditions. You're off, but you’ve got a big curve coming up.


Now that you are ready to start acquiring, there are lots of ePropertyPlus tools and components to get you going smoothly.

Use Services to manage field and closing services. Create documents with Document Generation and pull in Google street view photos with image carousel. Bulk edit records, create assignments, and more.

These are your first acquisitions, but they won’t be your last. Set yourself up for success.


Stabilizing property is where the rubber meets the road and even a small inventory has lots of moving parts.

Use ePropertyPlus™ Services to assign and track services, costs, and vendors. Set up recurring services and use automations to start exercising control over properties under your care. You are picking up speed. Is it time to scale up?


You want to make it easy for your prospective buyers to acquire property from you, right? A clunky website with outdated listings is like blowing a tire.

Our Public Site is a turnkey property marketing platform that makes disposition easy - for you and your buyers. Promote featured properties, accept online applications, and use ePropertyPlus Auctions to run live online auctions.

Let's keep going- the finish line is in sight!


You’ve reached the finish line! All that is left now is document your impact and generate your reports, then move on to the next set of properties.

With data, documents, and images organized, use Analytics to make create crisp, professional reports and data dashboards. Once that’s done, it’s on to the next batch. With the fans you've created along the road to revitalization, you've earned another go!

ePropertyPlus™ is the easy-to-operate cloud-hosted software solution for organizations of all sizes. With intuitive tools for managing property and property data, ePropertyPlus™ helps you overcome roadblocks on the Road to Revitalization. Let us position you and your team for success, no matter what lies around the next curve.

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