Privacy Policy

eProperty Innovations, LLC values your privacy.

What We Collect

We collect publicly available information on our contacts, such as your name, organizational affiliation, title and contact information. This information is used to share information on products and services offered by our company and general information, such as news or updates from the field.

What Others May Collect For Us

We do not share your contact information with ANY third parties who are not contracted directly by eProperty Innovations LLC to market our products and services.

eProperty Innovations employs certain third-party software service providers, including:

  • Email marketing and constituent relationship management software systems (Zoho).
  • Customer management and help desk systems (Confluence)
  • Online meeting software (GoToMeeting by LogMeIn)
  • Telephone VOIP systems (Ring Central)

Each of these platforms may collect or track information about our customers or contacts, including such information as:

  • Your name, organization name, and telephone number;
  • Your geolocation;
  • Your email address, Twitter handle, Facebook profile, or LinkedIn profile;
  • the IP address of your web browser or device;
  • Information on your activity within one or more of our data systems, or
  • Related information gathered in the process of monitoring the results of marketing campaigns.

How We Use Your Information

eProperty Innovations retains or may retain information about you for the purpose of marketing products and services and to evaluate the performance outcomes of marketing activities.

Any information that is gathered using any service employed by eProperty Innovations is secured using reasonable and appropriate safeguards to protect it from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

Each third-party service provider is subject to the same Privacy obligations as our firm and are prohibited from using any information we store in their systems for their commercial or private benefit.

eProperty Innovations does not sell or share any of your information, nor use it to promote any products and services other than those offered directly by eProperty Innovations, LLC.

If you are a current customer of eProperty Innovations, LLC, the use of your information is governed by written contract and subject to the use restrictions retained therein.

We are committed to protecting any personal or confidential information received from you with the utmost standards of privacy and security.

Personal Identifying Information

eProperty Innovations does not collect personal information of a sensitive or confidential nature, such as health records, marital records, employment histories, social security or driver’s license numbers, or personal bank account records or financial information.

Opting Out

If you receive any marketing messages from eProperty Innovations, you may opt-out of such marketing campaigns or request to be removed from our marketing databases completely. We will make every effort to remove you upon request and will not retain information in our systems.

Removing Your Information

eProperty Innovations may retain information collected about a contact in our systems, in order to maintain a historic archive of records and/or to satisfy statutory record-keeping purposes. If you would like to have information gathered about you removed from our data systems, please submit a written request to the address below. We will provide you with a response as to how and when such information will be removed.

Questions About This Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of your information, please contact us at the following:

eProperty Innovations, LLC
344 Maple Ave W, Suite 223
Vienna, VA 22180
Attn: Privacy Policy
Call: (703) 460-9011