The Tri-COG Land Bank is a new Pennsylvania land bank committed to giving Allegheny County communities more power over the direction and speed of revitalization within their borders. An Lewis, Tri-COG’s Executive Director, recognizes the strategic value of ePropertyPlus™ for her emerging land bank organization. Using STR’s new ePropertyPlus™ startup program is allowing them to get up and running quickly with acquisition planning and stakeholder support activities, as they move toward acquisitions, property management, and disposition.

“The Tri-COG Land Bank is brand new. Our unique structure requires we be progressive in our approach to land banking. We are excited to partner withePropertyPlus™. Having a system that is designed specifically for land banks will ensure our operations are established in a way that has been tried and tested by other successful land banks. Their new startup program allows us to adopt the software early in our process and grow into it at our own pace.”
An Lewis

Executive Director, Tri-COG Land Bank