Land banks are quasi-governmental and non-profit organizations set up to address vacant and distressed properties. Land bank properties may be tax delinquent, deteriorated or dilapidated, abandoned, recently foreclosed, or have title issues. The land banks remedy the conditions and prepare the properties for productive reuse.  

The work of a land bank – acquiring, stabilizing, and disposing of properties – is dynamic, requires transparency and accountability, and involve tracking lots of data, even for a small number of properties. ePropertyPlus is ideal for land banks and help clients manage the full property (Data) lifecycle of properties under their care and control.

Land banks inventories include residential property, small commercial properties, and vacant land and lots.

Most land banks try to stimulate community revitalization by preserving and stabilizing properties or performing demolitions to remove structures that can’t be saved. Land banks often coordinate public and private investment. They can address properties they own or ones owned by others.

Research shows that for each distressed property that is put to productive reuse, the positive impact on nearby properties and residents is significant. It’s why land banks often target specific geographic areas or neighborhoods, where their impact can be greatest.

Our ePropertyPlus software solution delivers the features and components needed by land banks to track property and parties, assign services and accept  applications, document income and expenses, generate documents, and run reports and analytics. It’s highly configurable, flexible, and scalable.

All of this in an easy to use, easy to deploy GIS-based cloud-hosted system.

Each ePropertyPlus Subscription includes:

  • the ePropertyPlus web application
  • a native ePropertyPlus Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • an ePropertyPlus sandbox site for testing and training, and
  • the ePropertyPlus Public Site
  • 24/7 support, free user training, and regular updates

As land banks have evolved, ePropertyPlus has evolved with them. It’s why ePropertyPlus is the preferred option for the nation’s premier land bank organizations.

To see examples of ePropertyPlus in action, check out our demo videos or contact us to schedule a live demo. If you want pricing information or have any other questions, get in touch!