If you are a local government, we’ve simplified your purchasing process by getting ePropertyPlus™ added to our parent company’s GSA Schedule 99 contract.

GSA stands for Government Services Administration and it’s the federal government’s purchasing office. The GSA offers cooperative purchasing to state and local governments and similar organizations. Those buyers -meaning you – can purchase our services at GSA-negotiated prices and with GSA-negotiated terms and conditions. A condition of being on GSA is we commit to offer you the best possible pricing available in the market today. That means you can be confident knowing the price you are quoted for ePropertyPlus and related IT services (configuration and onboarding, for example) is the best available.

Review the GSA pricing package here (GSA website) or download the GSA contract package (PDF format). Pricing for IT services are on pages 10-12 and pricing for ePropertyPlus subscriptions is on page 13 of the contract. You can also buy using “market prices”, which may be more appropriate for projects involving a high level of customization or which are quoted in response to unique RFP requirements. 

What buying using GSA pricing means for you and your organization:

  • You are guaranteed to get the lowest price on the market today by buying off the GSA schedule.
  • All contract terms and conditions have been negotiated on your behalf by GSA and their team of contract specialists and attorneys, so you don’t need to waste time negotiating contract terms.
  • You can buy ePropertyPlus or related professional services without needing to issue a RFP or engage in lengthy procurement headaches, because GSA cooperative purchasing is available in all 50 states. 

In short, you can buy ePropertyPlus™ faster, easier, and with the confidence of knowing you got the best deal available.

To learn more or for specific questions, contact us!

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