Track Property End-To-End

ePropertyPlus lets you track the end-to-end lifecycle of property – evaluation, acquisition, management, marketing, and disposition – for property you own or property you track. Excellent for managing land bank, tax forfeited, and surplus property data and properties.

Organize Data & Information

Organize your parcel data, photos, documents and actions taken with fields and workflows that match your business processes. Manage the big picture and all the details – in the same system.

Maintain Control Over Data

ePropertyPlus standardizes data entry and reduces opportunities for users to make mistakes or leave out important data. An audit trail for each property lets you know who made every change and when. Track ownership, actions taken, applicants – and more – all in a single, easy to use system.


Track Property Details

Store and update data about each property using manual or batch edit processes. Use hundreds of existing fields or create custom fields to manage the data and information unique to your organization.

Integrate External Data

Built-in integration tools allow you to view data from external sources at the property level on the Staff Site and Public Site. As records are updated in other systems, your Users can see them in ePropertyPlus.

Simple Import

ePropertyPlus comes with import templates configured to your unique set-up. Use import templates to quickly load or update hundreds or thousands of records for tracking in ePropertyPlus.

Store Images, Documents, Notes & Attachments

Create a comprehensive data repository by attaching photos, documents, notes and other attachments at the property record.

Publish Information To Your Public Site

Select which properties are shared with the public and what data, including relevant documents and links to external systems, to include for public viewing on your Public Site, to improve customer service and give prospective buyers all the information they need to do business with your organization.